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BlackZone Controllers© XBOX ONE RAPID FIRE MODDED CONTROLLER (60 Combo) – Advanced Warfare, COD, FASTEST Rapid Fire 7-speed, Drop Shot, Akimbo, Auto Aim, Quick Scope, SniperBurst

£20,953.00 (as of April 29, 2018, 8:35 pm) £16,118.00


XBOX ONE S Pro Mod with unlocked mod procesador. Take your game to the next level. RAPID FIRE for full automóvil conversion, SNIPER modes for precision kills, AUTORUN save your thumbs and thumbsticks while covering any map at lightning speeds. JUMP and DROP shots for increased evasiveness, and others for single and simultaneously customized mod styles. Save your thumbs (and your thumbsticks) by automatically sprinting Convert semi-automóvil and burst weapons into full automóvil weapons includes our is compatible for most FPS games. and included Enhance your game experience and get the edge you need to destroy your competition. It has an adjustable RapidFire, that can be combined with DropShot, AutoAim, Sniper modes, and Akimbo for up to 60 different mode/speed combinations. The controller menu has a lelo menu setup that makes mode entry and exit a breeze. The setup is so well thought out that setting up several modes at the same time can be done quickly and easily during gameplay without interruption. The Z-750 does not have any external drilled out buttons or protruding LEDs, it’s appearance is identical to a stock controller when the mods are not in use. When the modes are in use, there are two intolerante cool blue embedded indicator LEDs to let you inconsciente where you are at all times. The controller does not offer an aimbot mode for online game play that exploited the automóvil-lock glitch of several console revisions ago, but that is a mode that none of us will see again in any controller mod. The BlackZone Z-750 does offer an AutoAim function that automatically aims down the sight or through your scope upon right trigger fire, a function that is very useful with all weapons, especially when used in combination with DropShot and RapidFire. A good example would be an MK14 on RapidFire with a thermal sight setup for AutoAim. The Z-750 is light on complexity for ease of use and solid on functionality. The versatility and ease of use during gameplay make this an excellent modded controller.

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